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The Railroad Era begins in FALLEN FLAGS, a deckbuilding card game in which players invest in the first major railroads of the United States and in the cities that they serve.  Play your cards right and you might be a railroad tycoon!  Click the image to go to the Game Crafter page!


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Games of All Sorts, For All Sorts!

Jason Stone Games was founded in 2011 and is the producer of family and strategy board and card games.  The goal of the company is to provide gaming fun for people of all ages and of varied gaming tastes. 

At present, Jason Stone Games partners with The Game Crafter to produce its games, and you will be able to purchase the games from their website and get them shipped directly to you!


Company History

Jason Stone Games was founded by game designer Jason Stone and his late wife, Jadda, to produce Jason's push-your-luck game ST. GEORGE'S GAUNTLET.  From there, Jason has presented games of various types, including the chess puzzle strategy game THREE KINGS, the "12 Days of Christmas" game FIVE GOLDEN RINGS, and the word game TDCM.  Jason's newest game, FALLEN FLAGS, was co-designed with the late David Lupo ("Addictive Alchemy"), and it will be the flagship game of a series of railroad-themed games.



Three Games for Three Types of Gamers!

Here are three of JASON STONE GAMES's greatest, designed for casual gamers, word game fans, and strategy game fans.  There are more games, which will be featured at a later time.  Clicking the game image will take you to the products page for each game on THE GAME CRAFTER, where you can see rulebooks and order the game!



A Chess Puzzle Game for 3

This tile chess game has interesting twists:  three players are required; each player controls two of the three colors of pieces in play; the players build the board as they go; and players seek to score points for check and checkmate!



A Word Game for 2

In TDCM, two players seek out words, Boggle-style, from a grid of letters dealt to the table.  However, the player does not have to spell out a word in its entirety; further, as words are discovered, the letter cards are turned over, thus shrinking the board.  Turning over cards serves another purpose, however:  there are bonus scores hiding among the letters for the players to find.

Game Character Creation


The Game that Started It All

ST. GEORGE'S GAUNTLET is a push-your-luck dice game.  As knights exploring for gems in a cavern, death by dragon is an ever-present danger.  You may find a way to slay them, but each foray into the cavern may be your last.  This game is playable two ways:  the base game, in which players explore six levels of the cavern; and the "video game," where players attempt to survive the dragon onslaught!

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